How to Be the Preferred Food Supplier for Restaurants

April 18, 2024
Wholesale Business

For most restaurant owners, crafting an exceptional experience for their guests begins with sourcing the best products. However, finding suppliers who understand their needs and prioritise quality can be challenging. 

To become the preferred supplier for restaurants, suppliers have to demonstrate reliability, transparency, and exceptional service.

Here are the key points to becoming the dream food supplier for restaurants:

Proper Advisory and Support

Provide expert advice on product choices, offer samples or tastings, and engage in regular discussions about seasonality and provenance.

Customer Communication

Maintain open lines of communication, offer ongoing support, and ensure clear channels for feedback.

Easy Ordering

Simplify the ordering process with user-friendly online platforms or responsive phone and email support. With Orderlion, you can put an online shop in place or simply transform email, WhatsApp or voicemail orders into integrated orders.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Support local producers and ethical practices. This includes adopting sustainable use of resources, considering the well-beinf of your team and fair pricing.  

Passion and Dedication

Demonstrate passion for your products and producers and share this knowledge and enthusiasm with your customers.

Bespoke Services

Offer personalised training and advice tailored to each restaurant's unique needs. For example, training courses for restaurant staff or tailored advice based on individual needs.

Fair Prices

Cost control often dictates the success of restaurants. As their partner, be transparent and offer competitive rates for high quality products.

Quality Assurance

Guarantee the quality of products and services, seeking out exceptional goods and maintaining consistency.

Reliable Delivery

Ensure timely and reliable delivery of orders, reducing stress for your customers.

Community Engagement

Stay involved in the local food community. Fostering connections to key stakeholders gives you a powerful position in the network of your restaurant customers.

By following these best practices, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and become the go-to food supplier for restaurants. Strengthen your position in the market and attract loyal restaurant clients.

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