5 Strategies for Building Lasting Customer Relationships

March 12, 2024
Wholesale Business

The wholesale business is a people business. As a wholesaler, you understand the importance of building long-standing customer relationships. If customers trust in the quality and reliability of your offering, they will return and recommend you to their colleagues. How can you foster trust and build long-lasting relationships? Here are 5 strategies:

1. Tailor to Individual Needs

Diverse businesses, such as restaurants, canteens, hotels, and delicatesses, share the common goal of satisfying customers. Yet, each customer operates with distinct cost structures and preferences. Understanding these differences, for example, in terms of price sensitivity, ordering times and methods, or interest in trying new products, is key. Your goal should be to demonstrate that you comprehend and adapt to their unique requirements. Offer individual prices and several ways of ordering (24/7 online, phone, email, in person), and, if the time allows, engage in conversations about their business goals. If done right, this personalised touch demonstrates commitment without creating additional workload for you.

2. Offer Samples

People love gifts. Receiving products to try free of charge not only shows appreciation for the customer relationship but also appeals to customers who enjoy trying new trends. Ideally, your customers and their clients will fall in love with the product and start buying it afterwards. Thus, if your margins allow, think about encouraging trials of new items through giving one box, bottle or piece for free.

3. Showcase Reliability

Why do customers return? Because they can trust in the quality of your products and services. Having the best produce is one thing, but delivering the right products to the right people in the right time is the only way to make customers happy. Therefore, make sure that your order and delivery management is streamlined, efficient and error-free. Rely on technology like Orderlion to automate processes that are otherwise error-prone.

4. Become Their Customer

Have you ever considered becoming your customer’s customer? If not, give it a try. This immersive approach allows you to understand their business priorities, offerings, and operations. Thereby, you learn about their business goals and problems while also supporting their business. This reciprocity reinforces a relationship of mutual benefit and collaboration.

5. Stay Friendly

An honourable mention to the most effective strategy for making customers happy. Being friendly and showing appreciation for your business partner. Of course, especially in stressful times, it is easier said than done. Nevertheless, remind yourself of why you love your job and the industry you work in. Smiles are contagious so do not forget the power of a smile, even or especially in the early morning hours.

How can you best implement these strategies with Orderlion?

Relying on the technology of Orderlion to digitise your order management can be the first step towards creating a sustainable and long-term customer relationship. If you want to find out how implementing diverse ordering methods and digitising your order handling can help you gain time to reinvest in customer relationships and reduce errors, read our blog post "How Orderlion Helps You Build Lasting Customer Relationships."

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