How Orderlion Helps You Build Lasting Customer Relationships

April 3, 2024
Wholesale Business

As a wholesaler, your goals is to make your customers happy so they return and recommend you to their colleagues. In our previous blog post, you find 5 strategies for fostering trust and building long-lasting relationships. In this blog post, we will outline how Orderlion's solutions can help you implement these strategies.

Recap: 5 Strategies for Building Lasting Customer Relationships

  1. Tailor to Individual Needs: Adapt to varying cost structures and ordering preferences by offering customer-specific pricing and several ordering options.
  2. Offer Samples: Offer samples of products to attract customers' interest and build loyalty.
  3. Showcase Reliability: Build trust through efficient and error-free order and delivery management by automating processes.
  4. Become Their Customer: Take the viewpoint of your customer’s customer to show support and understand their business goals and operations.
  5. Stay Friendly: Show appreciation and build strong relationships through friendliness, even in challenging times.

How can you best implement these strategies with Orderlion?

Relying on the technology of Orderlion to digitise your order management can be the first step towards creating a sustainable and long-term customer relationship.

Diverse ordering methods:

Accommodate preferences for placing orders with multiple ordering options. Whether your customers prefer ordering via phone, email, in person or 24/7 online, the solutions of Orderlion let you handle any order in seconds.

Digitised order management:

Streamline your ordering process by utilising Orderlion’s comprehensive solution. Orderlion not only transforms your product lists into an ordering app and web shop, connected to your ERP, to enable online orders 24/7 but also automates email orders (Orderlion Inbox) and facilitates entering customer orders easily (Sales PRO).

Personalised prices:

Configure customer-specific prices on the Orderlion ordering app and web shop to accommodate to varying price sensitivity and cost structures. 

Showcasing products:

Are you wondering how you can showcase your entire product range to customers who never visit your shop? On your ordering app and web shop, your customers can discover your full product range just like in person.

Error reduction:

Leverage Orderlion's automation to minimise errors in order handling and enhance the accuracy of orders sent to your ERP system, and eventually, to your customer. This way, you can demonstrate reliability.

Customer appreciation:

Utilise Orderlion's chat function to promptly respond to customer requests and extending appreciation through sending birthday and holiday wishes.

Time Efficiency:

Streamline your order management to save valuable time for your team that they can redirect towards building stronger customer relationships. 


In conclusion, leveraging Orderlion's technology enables businesses to implement key strategies for building lasting customer relationships efficiently. By utilising diverse ordering methods, digitising order management, and offering personalised pricing, businesses can foster trust, loyalty, and satisfaction among their customers for long-term success.

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